Morrow Audio PH1 Phono Cables

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Try a pair of our famous cables at over 50% off! 60 Day Returns. You get a 1 Meter pair of RCA terminated PH1 phono cables.

This is an introductory offer exclusive to the Morrow Audio Records website. If you need other types of cables like interconnects, speaker cables, power cords, etc, please visit the Morrow Audio website here.

Morrow Audio began over 13 years ago as a high end audio cable manufacturer, selling direct to the public through the Morrow Audio website.

Mike Morrow developed a ground breaking cable technology that he named SSI  Technology. This amazing technology removes the major distortions found in common cable designs, allowing you to hear details and realism in your music never before experienced.

Our cable products are now in over 70 countries. They are also featured in major audiophile magazines like Stereophile and The Absolute Sound, winning several awards including Editors Choice Award.


"Hey Mike, this is my third set of your cables. I was searching for cables and found you, what a stroke of luck! I can only say WOW! I could not believe my ears, the sounds that show up from my music were incredible!" - Ken

See more information on the Morrow Audio website.


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